2013 Boulder Crest Traverse  ::  Saturday, August 10, 2013
Easley Peak 11,168 • Cerro Ciento 11,154
PK 10,941Galena Peak 11,152Senate Peak 10,451

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Climbers Take on Challenging Terrain, Raise Funds for Breast Cancer Research

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KETCHUM, Idaho, August 22, 2013—Expedition Inspiration Fund for Breast Cancer Research’s Climbs for Breast Cancer Cures on Saturday, August 10 included 10 climbers guided by Sawtooth Mountain Guides who raised more than $19,000 for breast cancer research. Women’s Health Associates of Boise sponsored the Climbs for the second year in a row.

"Our climbers included breast cancer survivors and others affected by the disease,” said Expedition Inspiration Executive Director Mary Holden. "They honored those lost to the disease and survivorship while taking on the challenge of climbing either Galena Peak at 11,152 ft. or the Boulder Crest Traverse, which is a 12-hour endeavor across five peaks in one day.”

Climbs for Breast Cancer Cures are an extension of Founder Laura Evans’s passion for mountaineering, and the healing parallel she drew between surviving breast cancer and climbing a mountain. In 1995, Laura and Peter Whittaker, premier international mountain guide and founder of Summits Adventure Travel, led a team of 17 breast cancer survivors to Aconcagua's summit. They raised awareness, research funds and hope for the breast cancer cause.

"We continued Laura’s tradition with this climb,” said climber Susan Tucker. "On The Boulder Traverse, we welcomed three new people who climbed in honor of parents, grandparents, and friends. It was a big, challenging day but so worth the hard work for how inspirational the process was.”

Climbs for Breast Cancer Research, as well as all of Expedition Inspiration’s fundraising events, contributes to the Annual Laura Evans Memorial Breast Cancer Symposium and the Young Investigator Awards. Both of these programs are directly tied to Expedition Inspiration’s mission to find new cures and prevention strategies in the fight against breast cancer so the people we love—our mothers, sisters, daughters and sons—won’t suffer from the disease.

Expedition Inspiration’s next event is the Be Inspired Dinner and Auction on October 22 in Boise at the Stueckle Sky Center. For more information, visit the Expedition Inspiration website at www.expeditioninspiration.org.

This year's WHA Climb for a Cure is presented by Womens Health Associates and is led by Sawtooth Mountain Guides:


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