Laura Evans founded Expedition Inspiration Fund for Breast Cancer Research in 1995 in the spirit of the parallel between climbing a mountain and overcoming breast cancer. An avid mountaineer, Laura believed in promoting health and the can-do attitude that came with mountain climbing. After recovering from breast cancer treatment, Laura set out to climb Argentina's Mt. Aconcagua. At 22,841 feet, Mt. Aconcagua is the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere. In February 1995, Laura and Peter Whittaker led a team of 17 breast cancer survivors to Aconcagua’s summit. They raised awareness, research funds and hope for the breast cancer cause.

Tribute Flags

"I am only one, but together we will find courage, strength and hope, in honor and remembrance of those we love."

Tribute Flags play an important role in mountaineering.  For decades, it has been a tradition for climbers to carry flags with them on expeditions not only to spread good will to all who pass but also to bring climbers home safely. Prayer flags have been an important part of the culture of Tibet for centuries. No major expedition would be complete without the protective flags, and EI has adopted this spiritual custom.

Each Expedition Inspiration tribute flag is a tribute to a loved one who has or has had breast cancer. Most of Expedition Inspiration team members are breast cancer survivors who climb to bring hope to others. By carrying the spirits of others who have suffered, not only do we honor individuals, but we honor all women.

Purchasing a tribute flag in an individual's name is a way to recognize someone you love, regardless of whether they have experiences breast cancer. You can add a personal message at request, and each flag will be made in duplicate. One flag will go on the major climbs with the Expedition Inspiration Team, flown at each of the camps and later included in a permanent exhibit. The duplicate flag can be sent in remembrance to a designated contact.

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