Hike for a Cure 2011, Proctor Mountain

The fundraising goal of $15,000 was exceeded by $5,000. We doubled last year’s fundraising and participation also grew, with 80 hikers taking part.
— Suzanne Mulenos, Expedition Inspiration board member


In the Great Outdoors, A Common Goal: Expedition Inspiration Adventures Raise Breast-cancer Funds, Awareness
By REBECCA MEANY, Express Staff Writer

One step at a time: words to live by and, on Saturday, words to hike by. Nearly 100 people came together in shared purpose Aug. 27 to raise funds for breast cancer research while achieving personal goals.

The Climb for a Cure and Take-A-Hike activities, organized annually by the Ketchum-based Expedition Inspiration Fund for Breast Cancer Research, promote the health and well-being of participants, foster a supportive group spirit and generate funds to support research projects and the annual Laura Evans Memorial Breast Cancer Symposium.

It was with that never-give-up spirit that he and other members of the hike joined hands two miles up the trail and formed a circle in a peaceful mountain meadow. In turn, each read names of people affected by breast cancer from tribute flags hikers pinned to their shirts. Mulenos led the reflection ceremony.

The flags, borrowed from the Tibetan tradition of prayer flags, accompany climbers and hikers on their treks as a tribute to loved ones. Tribute flags play an important role in mountaineering and are used on EI expeditions. "They're flown in sacred areas, not just summits, so we flew them in the mountain meadow," Mulenos said in an interview. "The wishes on the prayer flags and the prayers are released to the wind and passed by all who breathe the air. They spread hope and compassion."

The 19 members of Team Wallowa, who drove from Enterprise and Joseph, Oregon., were represented on each hike. "It was fun," said Mark Lacey, of Joseph. He said he enjoys being part of a group of active people. "Also, we're contributing to a good cause." One of the unique aspects of EI is funding for research into the early stages of the disease, said Nancy Knoble, part of Team Wallowa and chair-elect of the EI board of directors. "Every dollar we raise for research is a step forward," she said.

Mulenos cheered the crowd at the end of the day, telling them she was "thrilled" with their participation. "You will be apart of the cure," she said. "When that day comes, take a piece of it."