Goal :: To Fund Breast Cancer Cures in Our Lifetime

Vision :: One in eight women continue to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Expedition Inspiration is striving to find new cures and prevention strategies in the fight against breast cancer so the people we love won't suffer from the disease.

Mission Statement :: To raise funds for cutting edge research and an annual medical symposium through a variety of outdoor and other special events, to raise awareness and public support, to promote physical and mental well-being of breast cancer survivors and their families. 

Expedition Inspiration seeks to find cures in our lifetime by raising funds to:
  • Reach new heights in breast cancer research by bringing together leaders in the field at an Annual Symposium
  • Sponsor Young Investigator Award grants to the best and brightest researchers
  • Encourage easy to challenging physical activities by hiking and climbing
  • Increase breast cancer awareness with our message and breast cancer research news

A Cure in Our Lifetime: Expedition Inspiration is fighting to find a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime so that we can save our daughters, mothers, brothers, sisters and all those we love from the disease. Period.

Annual Laura Evans Memorial Breast Cancer Symposium: The Symposium, held under the guidance of Marc Lippman, M.D., and Angela DeMichele, M.D., M.S.C.E., is an invitation-only conference that encourages the free exchange of current breast cancer research and ideas. Attendees include basic scientists, clinical investigators and practicing clinicians. The attendees have intense working sessions to share unpublished information, analyze breakthroughs, recognize hurdles to finding a cure and discuss advances in treatment. After the Symposium, attendees continue to pool information and develop new cross-country clinical trials. Go to Symposium »

Young Investigator Award Grants: Young Investigator Awards come at a crucial time in the development of junior scientists' careers. "Our Young Investigator Awardees are extremely productive, resulting a huge return on their investment," said Angela DeMichele, M.D., M.C.S.E. "What sets the EI Symposium apart is that it continues to be the only organization that supports young investigators at a critical juncture in their work." Young Investigator Award recipients from the previous year are invited to attend the Symposium and present their research to the senior scientists in attendance. Typically, two Young Investigator Awards are granted each year. See our Young Investigator awardees »

Challenging Physical Activity: True to our founder's passion for mountain climbing, we promote and fund challenging outdoor activity to help lower the risk of breast cancer and to inspire hopeful, can-do attitudes among breast cancer patients and their families. Research concludes that regular exercise can help lower breast cancer risk. Learn more about the benefits of exercise »

Breast Cancer Awareness: To ensure the public has access to the latest breast cancer research information, Expedition Inspiration holds and annual Open Forum. The Forum is streamed live, and available for view throughout the year on our YouTube channel. We also maintain a blog that features reliable research breakthroughs and a "resources" tab created by our Medical Advisory Committee.
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