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Laura Evans: Expedition Inspiration
In 1989, Laura was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and underwent a bone marrow transplant resulting in recovery from the disease. As a response to her survival and her love of mountain climbing, Laura set aside her career in clothing design and founded Expedition Inspiration Fund for Breast Cancer Research.

She and 17 breast cancer survivors led the acclaimed assault on breast cancer by climbing Argentina's Mt. Aconcagua, which is the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere at 23,000 feet. Laura was featured in a PBS documentary film featuring the team of women co-led by Laura and Peter Whittaker of Rainier Mountaineering. The documentary demonstrated the strength of breast cancer survivors and the climb raised $2 million for breast cancer research. Laura wrote about her experience with breast cancer and the strength and relief she gained from climbing mountains in her book, "The Climb of My Life."
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Laura Evans: Bio
Laura Evans, a breast cancer survivor and founder of Expedition Inspiration, an organization dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer research, died of an unrelated brain tumor at her home in Ketchum, Idaho on Tuesday, October 17 at age 51. Laura Steele was born in Fulton, Missouri on January 8, 1949. She was the second of four children of Professor Charles Steele and Eleanor Steele. Laura was raised in Granville, Ohio and graduated from Granville High School in 1967. Laura was awarded a scholarship to Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design coupled with a minor in French.
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Brenda M. Williams
"Heart of the Treasure Valley: Understanding the circle of life"

By Katherine Jones, Idaho Statesman, 11-15-09

Brenda Williams had breast cancer, but she didn't let that stop her from making a difference.

Brenda Williams died quietly in her home Tuesday evening. She spoke with Katherine with the understanding that the article might not be published before her death. Her friends and family also asked that this story,based on an Oct. 15 interview, still run.

For a fundraiser this year, Brenda Williams' friends got an idea. When the invitations went in the mail, each one featured a personalized postage stamp: a photo of Brenda standing very proud — and very bald.

Scrawled across the envelope in hard-to-miss, very bold type, were the words: "Being bald is not a crime. Not finding a cure is."

If there's an aggressive nuance to the words,there also is an urgency to her fundraising: Brenda has breast cancer and, for her, the cure will come too late. That is, simply put, all the more reason for her to work harder.
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