2013 Boulder Crest Traverse  ::  Saturday, August 10, 2013
Easley Peak 11,168 • Cerro Ciento 11,154
PK 10,941Galena Peak 11,152Senate Peak 10,451

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"Until there's a cure(s), there's a climb!"

The tradition of climbing is at the core of our foundation.Laura Evans founded Expedition Inspiration in the spirit of climbing and overcoming breast cancer. Some of Laura's best quotes in regard to mountainclimbing and overcoming breast cancer are in her book, "The Climb of MyLife."

"Climbing is a reconfirmation of one's own strength andcapacity to survive. To climb mountains, in itself, enriches our lives. Itopens doors, expands our awareness, and exposes us to new and enlighteningexperiences."

"I love the natural wisdom, humility, and acceptancethat come to those who spend time in the wilderness. In the mountains, it'sjust you, stripped to the core, smelly, fearful, and unsure about what liesahead, with only your attitude and will to see you through. It is survival,learning to live with less and rely on others more."

"There is a fear in climbing: a quiet subtle echo whenyou look up or down or into the yawning mouth of the crevasse. It is not fearthat keeps me climbing. It is the beauty of hardship, of having endured,survived, pushed on that magnifies the beauty of everyday life." —FounderLaura Evans

Expedition Inspiration's climbs are structured to empowerand promote the health and well being of all who participate, while increasingthe amount of funding available for breast cancer research. Each participanthelps the cause by donating or raising funds above and beyond the actual costsof the adventure.
Devil's Bedstead, 2011 :: Five team members climbed Devil's Bedstead at 11,865 feet. The Northeast ridge is a class 3-4 route. Nancy Knoble, chair elect, also climbed Phi Kappa with 10 team members. Phi Kappa Alpha stands at 10,516 feet. More »

Elephant's Perch, 2009 :: A team of six climbed a non-technical but very strenuous route of the Elephant's Perch with a 2,400 foot vertical gain.  The team was led by Sawtooth Mountain Guides and enjoyed a celebration dinner at the world famous Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch. More »

Mt. Borah, 2008 :: The Expedition Inspiration Fund For Breast Cancer Research is pleased to announce that its team of hardy adventurers successfully summited Idaho's highest peak, 12,668 foot Mt. Borah. The team climbed the stunning and challenging mountain on August 23, 2008. More »

Castle Peak, 2007 :: Two teams of 25 adventurers successfully summited Castle Peak, which at 11,815 feet is the highest in Idaho's isolated White Cloud Mountain Range. The teams raised a record $81,000. The teams included breast cancer survivors, friends and participants who hailed from eight states. Expedition Inspiration board members Heidi Mickelson and Stephanie Olson of Ketchum, Idaho, and Nancy Knoble of Enterprise, Oregon, Medical Advisory Committee member Kathleen Grant, M.D., of San Francisco, and Advisory Board Committee member Courtney Kapp of Philadelphia were all team members. More »

Ryan Peak, 2006 :: Our team of hearty adventurers successfully summited Ryan Peak, which at 11,715 feet is the highest in Idaho's Boulder Mountain Range.  A record of number of 28 climbers took advantage of a perfect Idaho summer day to reach the summit on Saturday, August 19.  Another 10 hikers supported the summit team and hiked to various elevations in the valley, including 10,040-foot West Pass. More »

Hyndman Peak, 2005 :: A team of bold adventurers successfully summited Hyndman Peak, which at 12,009 feet is the highest in Idaho's Pioneer Mountain Range. Twenty-one climbers took advantage of a perfect Idaho summer day to reach the summit on Saturday, August 20.  Another 10 hikers supported the summit team and hiked to various elevations on Hyndman's flank, including the 10,800-foot saddle between Hyndman and Old Hyndman Peaks. This is the largest number of climbers in Expedition Inspiration's ten-year history. More »

Thompson Peak, 2004 :: Two teams of courageous adventurers successfully summited Thompson Peak, which at 10,776 feet is the highest in Idaho's Sawtooth Range. Nineteen climbers fought winter condition—high winds, snow, and rain—to reach the summit on Tuesday, August 24. The teams included breast cancer survivors, friends and family of those who are fighting the breast cancer battle. More than $30,000 was raised on Expedition Inspiration's Thompson Peak Climb. More »

Mt. Borah, 2003 :: Starting at 4 a.m., the Summit team ascended 5,500 feet to summit Idaho's highest peak at 12,668 feet. The summit took four hours, as did the descent, which beat the guide's time plan by five hours. "We totally underestimated the amazing athletic capability of this group," said lead guide, Erik Leidecker, of Sawtooth Mountain Guides. In addition to the summit team, a "support team" of nine also participated in the Borah climb. The second group planned to leave Ketchum in the morning, climb part way up the mountain and meet the first group on their descent. More »

Mt Rainier, 2002 :: A team of four enthusiastic climbers set off July 17 for the climb of Mt. Rainier. Eve Ruff, Jillian Hopkins, Susan Yaszay and Julie Gralow undertook this arduous adventure to raise funds for breast cancer research. Detoured—but not undone—by weather, the team had a wonderful climbing experience. Many thanks to Julie Gralow, MD, who organized the team and who also sits as chair of the Expedition Inspiration Medical Advisory Committee. More »

Appalachian Trail, 2002 :: The bald mountains of Tennessee were just one of the highlights of our second hike along the Appalachian Trail, September 15-21. The balds offered incredible panoramas of the surrounding mountains with just a hint of fall colors. The views, the colors, and the beautiful weather made for a memorable hike over challenging terrain. The crystal clear water of Laurel Falls was breathtaking and a most welcome sight after four days of backpacking. A plunge into the waters helped to sooth the trail-weary muscles of the hikers. More »

Mt Whitney, 2001 :: "The First Annual Michele Ann Potkin Memorial Climb" up Mt. Whitney was held in late August. Our team summited to a beautiful sunrise on August 30. The climb was dedicated to honor Michele, who climbed with EI founder, Laura Evans. Michele perished in an avalanche in 2000. Her dear friend, Diane Warren, underwrote this climb as a fitting tribute to Michele, her love of climbing, and her commitment to the breast cancer cause. Many thanks to Diane Warren and The Diane Warren Foundation for supporting EI. More »