We raise funds for cutting edge research through a variety of outdoor and other special events, to raise awareness and public support, and to promote physical and mental well-being of breast cancer survivors and their families. 

Celebrating Survivors

In conjunction with the Symposium, we host a free Open Forum where breast cancer patients, survivors and their families can ask questions from the panel of researchers. We offer additional support through a number of events and wellness oriented activities.

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Boise Take a Hike Saturday, Oct. 8th 9AM

Join Expedition Inspiration for a fun, scenic 2 mile hike through the Boise Foothills to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. Gather your friend and create a team! This annual event brings together patients, survivors, family members, and those affected by the disease. Everyone has their own personal reason for hiking, but we all share a collective and very motivating force: raising money for breast cancer research. 

To register as an individual or team, please visit: https://www.runreg.com/takeahike

Email or call Hailey for questions: hailey@expeditioninspiration.org or 208.342.6065. 







Huge Thanks!

We had ten climbers join us for the 2016 Climb for A Cure up the Elephant's Perch on August 20. This cohesive group was made up of mothers, daughters, sisters, survivors, fathers. While each of these climbers had their own personal reason for climbing, they all share a collective and very motivating force: raising money for breast cancer research. Each of these great people have been touched by this disease, and all of them wish for a cure. Thanks so all who climbed, donated and supported this special group of people! We are already looking forward to next year! 

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Our 2015 Climb was led by Erik, Tim and Steve of Sawtooth Mountain Guides

On September 15th, seventeen climbers summited the 11,051 ft. Devil's Bedstead West. The 2015 climb raised over $15,000 for breast cancer research.

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Laura Evans, founder

In 1990, Laura Evans ended her 7th week in isolation during a bone marrow transplant to fight Stage III breast cancer. Her vision for combining mountain climbing and finding a cure for breast cancer  would be a visible tribute to the courage of breast cancer survivors everywhere.

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"Climbing, in many respects, is not unlike facing a life-threatening illness. You take every step alone, digging deep, focused on the goal and your own inner strength."

— Laura Evans