In partnership with Expedition Inspiration Fund for Breast Cancer Research, Casting for Recovery Southern Idaho and River Discovery:

Maximizing Good Stress and Minimizing
Bad Stress to Promote Health & Well-Being

Dr. Dhabhar will discuss the following and will be happy
to entertain questions and comments:

1) Research on the previously unappreciated protective effects of short-term, fight-or-flight stress, and their practical applications.

2) Key characteristics of chronic stress and its harmful effects.

3) The concept of the Stress Spectrum that explains the balance between the protective versus harmful effects of stress.

4) Ways to optimize your Stress Spectrum in order to harness the beneficial/protective effects of short-term stress and to minimize/eliminate the harmful effects of chronic stress.

The lecture will be accessible to a general audience of all ages.

Dr. Firdaus Dhabhar is a Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at the University of Miami Health System, Miami, FL

A FREE Meet & Greet will be held Tuesday, April 16th at Zee's Rooftop from 5:30p - 7:30p


Laura Evans, founder

In 1990, Laura Evans ended her 7th week in isolation during a bone marrow transplant to fight Stage III breast cancer. Her vision for combining mountain climbing and finding a cure for breast cancer  would be a visible tribute to the courage of breast cancer survivors everywhere.

Our Inspiration »

"Climbing, in many respects, is not unlike facing a life-threatening illness. You take every step alone, digging deep, focused on the goal and your own inner strength."

— Laura Evans