Our Resources

Expedition Inspiration is dedicated to supporting breast cancer research and bringing that new knowledge to patients. It can be difficult for patients who are struggling with the diagnosis of breast cancer to find clear, timely and reliable sources of information on treatment, care and research. Thus, we have asked EI’s Medical Advisory Committee to provide a list of trusted web-based resources. This tab provides patients with important links to the very best sources of information available on breast cancer today.
— Medical Advisory Committee Chair Angela DeMichele, MD, MSCE

BreastCancerEI YouTube Channel:  Reference the videos from our Annual Breast Cancer Open Forum, which is held in conjunction with the Annual Laura Evans Memorial Breast Cancer Symposium. The videos include presentations from breast cancer experts, our Young Investigators and answers to questions from the audience.

Cancer.gov:  This is an excellent basic explanation of cancer, and breast cancer specifically, as well as treatment and side effects.  It also contains a section listing all open clinical trials, which is an excellent resource for physicians as well as patients.

ASCO.org:  This is the website for our leading oncology care professional organization.  The site has great information for patients, and it is updated frequently.  Special webinars and other content are available on managing side effects and other important issues.

Breastcancer.org: This site is particularly good for keeping up with what's new in breast cancer research.  The site has lots of basic info as well as information on current research that is put into lay language so that it is easy to understand. It is updated frequently.

LBBC.org:  Living Beyond Breast Cancer is dedicated to educating women about breast cancer and helping women find the best cancer resources in their community.  Use this website to find the best doctors, clinics and other cancer resources near you.